About Jared

I’m Jared. I am the CEO and founder of Zumeo Inc. I am a Entrepreneur, Creative Director, and Designer. In 2007, I launched a project called Zumeo.com aimed at helping college students kickstart their career after graduation. Within that year, Zumeo helped over 10k college students from over 150 universities discover their career potential. Zumeo.com was recognized by the Academy of Arts & Sciences as the top 14% best designed employment sites of 2009, and was featured by Techcrunch, CNBC, Webby Awards, and Webcreme. Zumeo was also ranked in the Top 10 social media sites for college students by Mashable.com in 09.
While creating Zumeo.com, we discovered a passion for good design as it relates to building brand loyalty. Other creative companies began approaching us to help them optimize their design to make a bigger impact. We ended up helping a number of startups and creative digital companies make valuable first impressions that helped land them investments and increased their customer acquisition/retention. In 2010, we made it official by launching a division of Zumeo called Zumeo Design. Our passion is to help startups and creative digital companies increase their impact through cutting edge branding, interaction, and visual design.